Monday, July 7, 2008

On Religious Articles

All of these pictures have one item in common.

Any guesses?

It should become increasingly obvious as we go along.

And no, the object is not me. I am not an object.

When I first came into the whole "Catholic" thing, I almost simultaneously developed an affection for Teresa of Avila. My mom gave me a medal of her soon after I jumped into this whole thing. For a few years, I wore it almost every single day, less often once I started teaching, still wearing it at least twice a week. I think I wore a layer off the surface, both front and back.

Last weekend, I went on a retreat in the woods of Michigan. Somewhere between being eaten alive and singing camp songs around the bonfire, Teresa took a dive and vanished into the underbrush.

A moment of silence, please.

To my St. Teresa of Avila medal, my constant companion: thanks for the memories and weird tan lines. You will be missed.

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