Monday, June 2, 2008

The Page Turneth

I just threw in the "-eth" because it sounds more significant and profound that way. Or it makes me sound like a chump. Either way, it adds a level of interest.

Anyway, I'm in Indiana, settled quite comfortably into Notre Dame's campus. In my four years at the University of Delaware, I became pretty sure it was at least tied for "Prettiest Campus Ever, Anywhere", but in the last four days, I've been forced to rethink that. It's ridiculously splendid here, and it's probably the most physically and visibly Catholic place I've ever been. As I told my dad and Becca, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a saint. You know me -- I stinkin' love this. There's a twenty-foot gold statue of the Blessed Mother and basilica on campus. A basilica!

Still, I do miss my dear sisters, and I miss my obnoxious, rambunctious, hair-graying kiddos. There hasn't been much time to thing about them, but they do cross my mind as I pray and walk around, and the kids especially explode into my mind when we're talking about "things that can go wrong", "things teachers do wrong", and "things that can go wonderfully right".

Classes are long, numerous, and loaded, but engaging and valuable. So far we're still in the slightly-advance territory of what I learned in undergrad, plus a Catholic spin (is it at all necessary that I mention that I think that's wonderful?), but I'm sure that will change.

My cohorts are likewise delightful. They're such a wide range of personalities and skills, and with about ninety of us running around every meal means meeting five new remarkable people. My summer roommate is a doll, and my Brownsville house mates for the next two years are definitely folks I can spend a prolonged amount of time with.

You might be thinking, "Gee, Andie, sounds like you're being diligent and stuff. What a wonderful new leaf you've turned over!" Nay, my Dear Readers. The page turned, there has been no leaf turning. At this moment, I should be doing a 3-4 page outline of procedures I imagine I will need in my classroom (with this last year under my belt, I could go on for a lot more than four pages). Instead I'm blogging.

It is purely by the grace of God that I get anything done. Ever.

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