Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Deep and Wide

Back from Texas. I have so many stories to tell, and I'm so excited about the stories I'll collect when I'm living there. The seven new VIDES volunteers lived, prayed, ate, slept, taught, worked, and spazzed out together for two and half weeks, and each and every one of the other volunteers taught me something tremendously important while we were together. It's strange to think I won't see most of them ever again, but I hope I'll keep in touch.

I'm helping with Bible camp number two, this time at our home parish of Jesus the Divine Word. The difference between Asherton and Huntingtown is rather stunning. Today, for example, I noticed the JDW wizards attached blue cellophane to the all the windows, in keeping with the sea theme, with glue dots. Glue dots? In Asherton, we coveted value-brand tape like mirror time in a sorority house (and got excited when we didn't have to wash our plastic plates). I'm not frowning on Huntingtown at all, I love it here, but the difference is chasm-like.

Anyway, I love my life, and I love that I get to spend the next month not only with pretty much zero responsibility, but also with my siblings. Looking forward to family adventures in San Antonio at the end of July (and seeing Tarry, Jaime, and Jess again).

I'm also rather surprised by and proud of myself for already not only pondering, but also looking at things to do after I'm done with VIDES. The top contender right now is the Alliance for Catholic Education. This would get me another two years of teaching experience, more service and community living, and a cost-free masters of education from Notre Dame. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Whatever. God takes care of me.

Finally, a picture for you. I think I'm going to start including one with each post, since I have 3.7 gigs of them on my computer (that's roughly 3,000 pictures... I know. It's a disease).

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