Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cups Running

So we're in Asherton. I don't have much time, so here's the short version. They have two convenience stores, an elementary school, a Catholic church, about 1,300 people, and a lot of stray dogs.

The vacation Bible school started Friday with about 100 kids. This is more or less the only thing that happens in this town during the summer, so the kids get really excited and the parents seem so glad to have us.

Every night, a town family makes us dinner (there are 18 of us, and so that's no small feat). As tiny as this town is, the people all know why we're here and they all wave at us when we're out walking. It's actually pretty amazing.

Happy Father's Day to the first person who taught me the value of integrity and dedication in everything. Really, it's his fault I'm here.

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