Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done

And by "ever", I mean "since at least, like, a couple months ago or something".

I have roughly 17,000 photos on my computer and a new apartment with bare walls.  I figured I could afford to print and frame (with WalMart $1 frames, mind you) up to 50 photos, a few at a time, and I figured I have enough space to hang those without it being too ridiculous.  So I sat down and set out to pick fifty photos from my 17,000.

In the first round of picks, I had 350.  That's somewhat more than 50.

I took a deep breath, went through my selections, and got rid of all but the finest.

I had 275.

I gritted my teeth.  Eliminated all but the most outstanding.


I tried, through the blur of tears, to keep only one in four.  Only the most precious.


That's when I died a little bit and quit for the night.

As a sea of third parties (well... second, I guess, since up to now it's been just me and my own obsessive psychosis...), which of these stand out the most to you?  Which ones should go on my walls?


Lindsay said...

Could you maybe categorize? Like, only one ND landscape, one from each year of ACE, one individual per family member, prioritize photos without you in them (or with you in them)...?

Stop being such an amazing photographer. Problem solved. ;)

Tony said...

Are you hanging them all individually? If you got one of those big collage-y frames with 12-16 spots for photos, you'd already make it to 48-64 with only four frames. Much more manageable (and less heart-rending...).

Or take all 17,000 photos and make one of those cool picture things where you have a bigger picture made up of lots of little pictures. That would be awesome :-D

Siné said...

Good luck with that! Choosing photos to print is most definitely not my forte.

Mama said...

you should take the collage you posted and have a poster printed.