Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Boy Matt Maher and a Great Example of Ecumanism

Matt Maher is a Catholic singer/songwriter whose music I've had a substantial crush on for years (the music, not the guy, I swear). Last year, he finally released an album (Empty and Beautiful, his 4th) on a "mainstream" Christian label, a pretty big deal when we're talking about a guy who wrote a song that starts with the word "transubstantiation".

I stumbled on this interview he did for The Christophers. The whole thing is great and I recommend it, but I was particularly impressed by his explanation of the difference between Catholicism and Protestant denominations, the truth of the Church, and what Catholics and Protestants can offer each other. It's right after the halfway point, if you'd like to skip ahead.

"We are ritual, habit oriented people [. . .] If we do that so much,
doesn't it make sense that God would make that sacred?"

"Words mean something, and the problem with pop culture is it keeps
devaluing that meaning."

I've seen and heard Matt "perform" five or six times. Actually, perform is totally the wrong word. I usually cringe at terms like "worship leader", but in the contexts I've seen him, he's been exactly that, and excellently so. It's never the Matt Maher Show, it's always a genuine expression of praise that pulls the attention of all present right where it's supposed to be. As the kids say, this guy is legit.

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lizsheartrevealed said...

The album you're talking about, I agree, is amazing. I love you, m'dear.