Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For my fellow Trekkers

I went to see Quantum of Solace with my housemates this past weekend, and when this preview started up I literally squealed and bounced in my seat.

I am not a movie franchise purist. I am a fan of good movies. Most of these recent series revamps/reboots (the new Batmans and the latest Bond movies, for example) have perhaps not been entirely true to the legacy of their predecessors, but they have tended to be darn good movies. I hope and suspect such is the case with J.J. Abram's treatment of my most beloved Star Trek series.


Anonymous said...

Gives me about six months to bring Charlie up to speed on the saga to date--at least the movies. Not too sure Melissa will give a flip.

She ain't Andie.

Romey said...

Just as long as they keep Rick Berman as far away as possible I'll be happy. He ran Trek into the toilet with Enterprise, and in many ways: Voyager.

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong, Berman was annointed as The Great One of the Galaxy's heir. But, as far as I know, his realm was TV. And he's done.