Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Peggy Noonan is Great, or "I Hate Politics, pt X"

As to the question when human life begins, the answer to which is above Mr. Obama's pay grade, oh, let's go on a little tear. You know why they call it birth control? Because it's meant to stop a birth from happening nine months later. We know when life begins. Everyone who ever bought a pack of condoms knows when life begins.

To put it another way, with conception something begins. What do you think it is? A car? A 1948 Buick?

If you want to argue whether legal abortion is morally defensible, have at it and go to it, but Mr. Obama's answers here seemed to me strange and disturbing.

The rest.

Related but different, the DNC is a load of horse manure in at least on respect, probably others (which is not to say the RNC is a repository of truth and candor).

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Dad said...

Such a target rich environment. I'll just let it go.